Columbus Custom Metal Fabrication

We Fabricate To Your Specification

Our fabricators are able to fabricate just about anything from your ideas, photos or plans. We have the ability to make one or many pieces based on your specifications. Mass produced items just can not compare to the quality, design, and feel of our custom handcrafted pieces.

Form Follows Function

The best looking piece of furniture is useless if it does not fit its intended purpose precisely. During the design process, we will focus on the intended use of the furniture while maintaining the style you desire.

Get The Look, Feel and Scale You Are Seeking

Are you looking for light and dainty? Bold and massive? Simple and elegant? Minimal and stylish? Regardless the style, we can do that! Our designers will work with you to achieve the perfect blend of form and function. We can take any of your ideas and make them a reality. Have you seen a piece that almost fits your needs? Bring us a picture or a drawing of that piece. We will make it fit your needs exactly!

Quality In = Quality Out

We use only the best materials and processes combined with top quality finishes. High-quality material is the foundation of a quality piece. Combine that with, highly-skilled craftsmanship and decades of experience in design and fabrication and you can not go wrong.