by Fortin Ironworks


Rod NumberDiameterCompatible BracketsCompatible Rings
R202″###-20SR 25 E
R151½”###-15SR 17 E or SR 25 E
R121¼”###-12SR 17 E
R101″###-10SR 12 E
R75¾”###-75SR 12 E
R50½”###-50SR 87 E


Rod NumberDiameterCompatible BracketsCompatible Rings
TWIST 625/8″###-75SR 12 E


Available 3½” Offset Brackets
B35-20 – 2” Rod
B35-15 – 1½” Rod
B35-12 – 1¼” Rod
B35-10 – 1” Rod
B35-75 – ¾” Rod
B35-50 – ½” Rod

Available Double Brackets
Offset 2½” & 5½” From Wall
BDBL-20 – 2” Rod
BDBL-15 – 1½” Rod
BDBL-12 – 1¼” Rod
BDBL-10 – 1” Rod
BDBL-75 – ¾” Rod
BDBL-50 – ½” Rod

Available Topless Brackets
Offset 3½” From Wall
B35N-20 – 2” Rod
B35N-15 – 1½” Rod
B35N-12 – 1¼” Rod
B35N-10 – 1” Rod
B35N-75 – ¾” Rod
B35N-50 – ½” Rod

Available Rectangular Brackets
Offset 3½” From Wall
B35R-20 – 2” Rod
B35R-15 – 1½” Rod
B35R-12 – 1¼” Rod
B35R-10 – 1” Rod
B35R-75 – ¾” Rod
B35R-50 – ½” Rod

Available “T” Brackets
Offset 3½” From Wall
L35T-20 – 2” Rod
L35T-15 – 1½” Rod
L35T-12 – 1¼” Rod
L35T-10 – 1” Rod
L35T-75 – ¾” Rod
L35T-50 – ½” Rod

Available Collar Brackets
Offset 3½” From Wall
CB-20 – 2” Rod
CB-15 – 1½” Rod
CB-12 – 1¼” Rod
CB-10 – 1” Rod
CB-75 – ¾” Rod
CB-50 – ½” Rod

What Is Covered

Fortin is proud to extend a limited warranty covering workmanship on all Fortin drapery hardware products for a period of one year from purchase date.

Who Is Covered

This warranty extends to the original residential retail purchaser.

What Is Not Covered

This warranty does not cover normal wear and tear or any damage or loss caused by accidents, alterations, misuse, abuse or extraordinary use, exposure to moisture, improper installation, cleaning or other maintenance. Warranties shall cease to be in effect if a product has been moved from its original place of installation. All materials will gradually lose color intensity after long exposure to the sun. This color loss is not covered by the warranty.

Warranties do not cover removal, installation, replacement or shipping costs.

What We Will Do To Correct Defects

If a Fortin product is found to be defective during the warranty period, we will at our discretion, either repair or replace, without charge, the defective product. Discontinued items will be replaced with the closest equivalent current product.

No Liability For Incidental Or Consequential Damages

Repair or replacement of defective products is the sole remedy under this warranty and in no event shall Fortin be liable for costs to remove, transport, or reinstall the product, or incidental damages. Some states do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitation or exclusion may not apply in these states.

How To Get Service

To obtain service under this warranty, return the product along with the original sales receipt to the dealer from which it was purchased. You will be responsible for transporting the product to and from the dealer.

Your Rights Under State

This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights which may vary from state to state.